About us

Education ERP childcare management software was initially developed for the needs of Junior soccer schools in 2013.

After the software was deployed in Junior schools and helped them to become fast-growing franchise, we started to receive requests from other after-school program providers to develop similar system for them.
Brands rely on us
Today our software helps more than 1000 private K-12 educational institutions to manage their business and deliver high-quality programs to the children. Among our clients are soccer, swimming, ballet, language, coding and other after-school program providers.
Haven't noticed your program? Don't worry, we are perfect for each other if you are.
Soccer, swimming, gymnastics and other providers who offer sport, physical development and recreation activities for kids.
For providers who offer math, coding, engineering, science, technology and other exact sciences centres / programs / lessons.
Both crafting (painting, drawing) and performing (dance, ballet, drama, music) and other related emotional intelligence clubs.
For English, French, German, Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi, Arabic and other language, culture knowledge and communication skills providers.
Test Prep
Test preparation for basic K-12 subjects, including history, literacy, geography, biology and other educational assistance classes.
Other K-12 & Child Care
Any other after-school / pre-school / extracurricular / day care providers. Our software is a perfect solution for any program /center / club.
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