We are to help you work more efficiently
We offer your team a complete set of tools to create the best educational service for kids.
Work on any device
The interface is adaptive. Now you can keep abreast of all current business results, regardless of your device as Education ERP has both web-browser and application access.
Use an intuitive interface
We have developed UX/UI, so that today you can easily get used to in short period of time. Moreover, our interface development is continuous, so we keep up with the times.
Keep standards and documents in order
You can upload documents and files and share them with colleagues. Education ERP can also serve as an archive for your educational files.
Work from any location
Does your team work globally? Keep in touch with colleagues no matter where you are and communicate in sync without missing out on project details as software is cloud-based.
Receive monthly reports
Regular reports consist of all the details and information you need about your programs. You can use them to analyze productivity and share them with your co-owners.
Use integrations
Integrate your Facebook, Instagram and Website with Free CRM Tool. You can connect services using API. Furthermore, we have own R&D that could integrate other solutions.
Create your own executive dashboard and reports that can be printed and exported.
Employee management
Manage staff hours, wages and progress.
Community power
You could discuss trendy problems within Education ERP community by making a request to the Head Office.
Executive Manager
Multiple programs and sites
Providing several programs, especially those located in different areas, is challenging. With Education ERP you can manage all the programs you provide and scale your business easier than ever before.
Account management
Easily manage child, parent and employee information. All necessary information is displayed in user account such as personal information, medical records, etc.
Sales & Marketing
Customer relationships management
CRM module in Education ERP helps you to effectively collect, store and manage inquiries from your website and call center. System automatically creates client's profile where you can track communication history with them.
Billing & Invoicing
After you create custom tariffs and enter all additional charges, system will automatically calculate and send bills to the client.
Communications management
Send your clients and teachers bulk push notifications, emails and SMS.
Attendance tracking
Education ERP allows teachers to track student attendance. No additional reports should be sent to after school program management, it is already in the system.
Lessons planning
Teachers can create list of activities with detailed description and include them in the lesson plan. You can create quality criteria for such plan. If plan creation rules are violated by teachers, system will notify them about it. The lesson plan will be also available for parents on parent platform or in app.
Child progress tracking
Education ERP allows teachers to assess and record developmental milestones of a child and share them with parents.
Personal professional development
You can upload educational materials for teachers, do assessments and create ranking system based on multiple factors such as attendance, feedback, etc., to boost their professional development.
Classes & Teachers evaluation
Parents can access teachers information and evaluate them after each class. That will allow you to assess teachers on the basis of child and parents feedback in order to provide best quality classes for clients.
Lesson plan & Child progress tracking
Lesson plans and activities, as well as developmental milestones are available on parent portal and in-app making education process transparent for parents. 
Memberships & Payments
Parents can see active memberships on parent portal and in-app and pay for them. When membership is close to the expiration date, system notifies user about it.
Personal & Child information management
Parents can manage child and personal information in their user profile, uploading necessary information such as medical records.
Child attendance tracking
The data of a child attendance is displayed on parent portal and in app.
Schedule tracking
Parents can track program schedule with each class displayed in calendar on parent portal and in app.
Daily schedule
Kids can check daily schedule if needed with each event displayed in calendar on web-portal and in app.
Homework reminder
Child can open information in app or portal and check assigned homework.
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